In-library searching not returning records

Recently I have had a few instances where I've looked for a record in my Zotero library, e.., by author name etc. (desktop) and it appears not to exist. Looking for titles, keywords etc doesn't help. But when I am in Word and insert a citation using the plug-in, the reference is found. In other words, it IS in the library, but doesn't show up when I look for it. These are not new records (i.e., unlikely to be a sync issue), but references I have had in my library for years. Any ideas?
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    Are you at the root of your library (i.e. My Library) when you search this record? I often don't find an item because I forgot I was displaying a subcollection and not the whole library.
  • Yes, I am at the root.
  • The two main possibilities that come to mind are
    1) The Word add-on includes cited items in the search results, even if those are not in your (local) library. They'd be listed under "Cited" as opposed to "My Library"
    2) The Word add-on includes items in any groups you belong to in search results.
  • Hi Adam, no in both cases.

    I'm just going to re-download Zotero and see if that solves the problem.

    Thank you.
  • Actually, looking at some of my groups - one of them is empty - no records showing up. I'm wondering if some have been 'deleted', either in reality or are just not showing up, and if the same has happened to My Library. Anyway. Will re-install and see what happens.
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