Move personal library to group library

I cannot drag and drop items from personal library to group library. I was able to create a new item in the library. Any suggestions?
  • edited July 10, 2019
    If you already dragged the items to the group library, you'll currently need to delete them from the group library and empty the trash to drag them again. (This will be improved in a future version.)
  • There is nothing in the group library or trash. I drag the folder, I get the "+" sign but then nothing happens in group library
  • And the collection doesn't exist in the group library either?

    How many items are in the collection?

    Are you able to drag individual items?
  • No the collection does not exist in the shared library
    I can move one item. I cannot move at the folder level. There are 9 subfolders so about 100 items
  • Can you provide a Debug ID for a collection drag attempt that doesn't work?
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