Adding citations in Word document creates second column of endnotes?

Hi all, I'm experiencing an issue where when I try to add a citation in a word document, it essentially deletes all of the references at the end and replaces all of them with bracketed numbers. For example, it goes from a full, normally formatted reference list to this:

1 [2]
2 [3]
3 [4]

This is the first time I'm experiencing an issue like this and I'm not sure what to do. Of note -- several people are working on this document/adding references as it is a Word document shared through DropBox, so maybe someone had wonky settings and that's why this is the case, but i'm not sure how to standardize it. I've tried manually syncing them, changing the citation styles, etc but nothing seems to be working.
  • Do the following:
    1. Change the style back to the original style
    2. In Document preferences, change to footnotes instead of Endnotes
    3. Change the style again. Your citations should now appear in text (hopefully).
    4. Add bibliography

    That'll insert a numbered bibliography corresponding to the numbers in square brackets.

    (The main issue here is confusion between two different formats of references: endnotes versus numbered references/bibliography)
  • I'm having trouble finding the document preferences space to change to footnotes instead of endnotes -- where can I find that?
  • Switch to Chicago Manual of Style (full note) and you'll see it.
  • awesome, this worked, thank you!
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