Missing Year and sorting by Year

I imported 7,000 papers and about 1,000 of them have no date of publication. So when I sort by Year, the no-date papers sort to the top, which means I have to scroll way down to find papers that are from 2019.

Is there any way to either (or both):

1. Cause the sort to sort no-dates to the bottom of the list. (While still allowing me to sort in descending year order, with 2019 at the top.)

2. Batch change no-dates to have a year. (If sorting can't be fixed, I'll assign them all 1901 for now so the are at the bottom. If sorting can be fixed, I'll still probably want to add dates for multiple papers at once, since many have the year in the PDF's name.)

  • I guess one option here would be to sort no-dates at the end of the list regardless of the sort order. Right now, they're sorted at the end when you sort by date/year ascending, but not if you sort descending.
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