Distribution Method - APA Nonroutine Information Important for Retrieval in Brackets

edited July 10, 2019
APA allows extended information in brackets after the title, but not italicized. When I use the APA citation feature in VitalSource Bookshelf, it yields the following citation:
Paul, Harvey. C++ How to Program (Early Objects Version). [VitalSource Bookshelf]. Retrieved from https://bookshelf.vitalsource.com/#/books/9781269616409/
(the title is in italics; the retrieval information is in brackets)
The official APA blog has more details:
The article cites p. 186 of the APA manual regarding "nonroutine" information.

However, using zbib.org, I found no field (at least under "Book") that can do this.

To allow Zotero to add information in brackets that is not italicized after the title, I suggest adding a field called "Distribution Method" where people can type in something like "VitalSource Bookshelf" or "Audio podcast" (the field uses "normal case" like some other APA fields).
  • This is available via citation styles using Medium. You can get it in zbib by putting
    medium: VitalSource Bookshelf
    into the "Extra" field, although I'd question whether that one is a particularly good example -- if you want to add something there it should presumably be more like [e-book] or so.
  • It works (literally putting "medium:" before it in the Extra field)--thanks.
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