Style Question (and maybe later probably request): Weird APA Style???

Dear all,

So I am planning to submit to a journal named the Universiti Utara Malaysia Journal of Legal Studies. However, their citation instructions are quite strange.


Regarding citation format, this is what they said in that link: "All referencing should be in APA referencing style, using footnotes and bibliography."

To my knowledge, APA does not use footnote citation but rather they use bodynotes (or in-text citation).

However, I tried to check samples of their previous editions. This is their most recent issue:

I found that they seem to use actual footnotes for citation, using the APA bibliography style for their footnote style (including the first name - last name swap). They also have a bibliography, which also uses the APA bibliography.

So the difference between their footnotes and bibliography are only that the footnotes would pinpoint specific page numbers referred to.

PS: cross-footnote references seem similar to the Chicago style, i.e. using 'ibid' and '[Last Name], [page]' format.

I checked different versions of the APA and thought that this would be it: "American Psychological Association 6th edition (curriculum vitae, sorted by descending date)". But turns out that its not, because it puts the full entire reference in the text and doesnt show the page number even when I input page numbers.

Does anyone know whether we have any templates like what Im looking for (with probably different name)? Or any tips on what to do?

PPS: Im a Mendeley user
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