American Psychological Association 6th ed. after update


i have problems quoting a bibliography after the update. I am using the American Psychological Association 6th edition. If I copy it into the clipboard and paste it into Pages, there is no text, only a gap. If I copy it somewhere else, it works. All other citation forms are no problem. But I already did most of my work with APA 6th and don't want to change everything again. Thanks for your help!


  • You can likely workaround this by saving to RTF and opening in Pages, but this is clearly a Pages, not a Zotero, problem since it works elsewhere.
  • Thanks adamsmith,

    I have found that APA 6th works when I want to insert a bibliography from a book. Only journal articles are not transferred correctly. Could it have something to do with the fact that APA 6th is no longer designed for this? Isn't it totally complicated about RTF if you only want to insert individual articles?
  • to add, it only copys the name of the journal and the doi code....example:

    Nature 171
  • But you're saying the problem is only for Pages, right? That would really indicate a problem with Pages, not with Zotero. Of course APA style is still designed to work for journal articles. Yes, if you're pasting individual items, using RTF is going to be tedious.

    Pasting APA journal articles works for me for Google Docs, Word, and Libre Office...

    Can someone with a Mac confirm the problem with Pages?
  • I'm seeing a couple problems in Pages via the clipboard:

    1) Some text doesn't have a color set, so I need to select it and change "No Fill" to "Text Color". There does appear to be a difference between journal articles and books, which I can't explain.

    2) Hanging indents aren't set properly.

    Exporting the bibliography to RTF works fine for both.

    Copying individual citations via Quick Copy is working fine for me, though, so it should be possible to use Cmd-Shift-A for that and then export the bibliography to RTF.
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