Contribution to Mineralogy and Petrology style is note completely correct


I recently used the CMP style, but the format is not completely correct. Journal's name are supposed to be abbreviated according to the ISSN list of the Title Word Abbreviations, but the style would not abbreviate the journal's name. Please see the following links for your information:

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  • @adamsmith This is currently just a dependent of Springer Basic (author-Date). Since it’s Springer, should we assume it’s misclassified in their list and make a new style?
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    @Zeinab-geo the styles does abbreviate journal titles. How did you use it exactly?

    @bwiernik see my answer. The parent style does abbreviate, so looks like it'd be correct.
  • @adamsmith I downloaded the style from Zotero and install it as usual. I then used it throughout my manuscript and then created a bibliography at the end for my reference list.
  • Using the word processor add-on or how? Which word processor?
  • Yes, I used the word processor add-on in word 365
  • OK, could you
    a) copy & paste a couple of citations as they appear in the bibliography here
    b) check that automatically abbreviate journal titles is checked under "Document Preferences"
  • Thanks Adam, I didn't realize that I should manually check the box for the names to be abbreviated. Added the checkmark and it all looks perfect.

    Thanks for your time,
  • That's be checked by default, you must have (possibly accidentally) unchecked it.
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