Feature suggestion!

I was thinking that it would be a great idea to have an indication of how many times a reference has been cited, so that we know if one work is overused in the paper.
Having that as an indication next to the citation, instead of it being at the end of the document for example, would be much more convenient.
  • It's not built in, but https://rintze.zelle.me/ref-extractor/ can provide that for you.
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    I am aware of that, but I am not sure if/how it affects Zotero if I import the extracted file.
    The idea though is that if there is a bubble over the citation, we'll be able to remove it instantly.
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    I am not sure if/how it affects Zotero if I import the extracted file.
    Importing the extracted items will create new items in your Zotero library. (if you use the "Import..." option, Zotero will prompt you to put all these items in a new collection, while the "Import from Clipboard" will just automatically import the items into the currently selected collection)

    If you import the items, you can inspect the number of times each imported item was cited, and then just delete these new items. (you probably want to delete these items after inspection, so you don't accidentally start citing them as well)

    As long as you're careful in deleting the imported copies (and have a backup of your Zotero library), this shouldn't affect your existing Zotero library at all.
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