2.0b6.2 Rename file from parent metadata can't find file

After using the Rename file from parent metadata option on a linked PDF correctly changes the name of the file, but the file can no longer be used. Choosing "show file" shows an error that the file cannot be found, and prompting to locate the file. It is necessary to search for the file to correctly relink the file with the item. This is under Windows, using FireFox 3.5.
  • seems to be a general problem - can confirm that behavior in Ubuntu 9.04
  • Fixed on the trunk. The fix will be available in 2.0b7. Thanks.
  • Fixed in 2.0b6.4, available now.
  • This is related, but not quite the same. I have been using the rename file function, which appears to work mostly. However, when a run this for a ScienceDirect full text pdf, the rename works, but isn't reflected in the center pane, i.e.

    1. The renamed file can be seen in the right hand pane;
    2. The renaming is confirmed by going to show file;
    3. The attached PDF under the article entry in the center pane stills displays as "ScienceDirect Full Text PDF".

    This isn't a problem, per se, but curious. I can confirm that restarting FF (3.5.2) and rebooting don't change this condition. Be interested to hear what causes it.


    MB Pro 10.5.7
  • but if you go on "show file" it does have the right name, no? And that's what matters because in Zotero you already have that information with the file.
  • Yes, it does (see point 2 in previous post). Like I said, no real problem, just was curious as it seems to be something specific to ScienceDirect.
  • The "Rename File from Parent Metadata" function only renames the attachment title if it was originally the same as the filename. Otherwise it doesn't touch it, since it might have been renamed by the user.

    There's an old ticket to keep attachment files named based on the attachment title. Better would probably be to keep both attachment titles and attachment filenames named based on parent metadata.
  • Thanks for that clarification, I understand now!
  • Is there a way, for example, to change the "Rename File..." process so that in the first place comes year, then author and then for example title? For example: "2009 - Brown - Good idea.pdf"
  • yes
    look for attachmentRenameFormatString
  • One more question - is there a way to 'mass rename' files? I have now a lot (hundreds) of articles with attached files, but it seems I have to rename them all manually, which takes a lot of time... any solutions?
  • if you do a search for "Attachment File Type" = pdf
    and then save the search.
    Go to the saved search folder and press + to show all attachments.
    You can then select a whole bunch of the attachments using ctrl. click and the use Rename.
  • Can't the filename in the center panel reflect the updated filename?

    I thought that the "rename" function wasn't working at all until I came here and found this explanation. To casual users (and myself) it simply looks like the function doesn't work because the name doesn't change in the center panel, which is where you are right-clicking and selecting the "rename" option.

    Shouldn't the user see the result of the action on the file they are clicking on?
  • I agree.
    Would it be possible to project the new filename in the middle panel?
  • edited September 4, 2009
    Frank, see this thread and please add your voice to the request to change the default behaviour, which is confusing not just to you but to many of us.
  • I am currently having this problem in a later version of zotero (2.1.5) in firefox 3.6.17 on windows 7.

    When I click rename file from metadata, the file in the database is renamed, but the name in the zotero browser window is unchanged. When I try to use the attachment from zotero, I have to manually locate the file.

    I have checked, and the filename was exactly the same in the database and zotero before I tried to rename it.

    Any help would be great,
  • carhogg - no that's a different issue and would seem to be a bug. Start a new thread. Specify the exact filenames before and after of an item that happens with. Also see if you can create an error report right after you try to rename from metadata - if so post the report ID here. Also, update to the most recent Zotero version (2.1.6)
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