Google Scholar cookie is being cleared when using Save to Zotero from address bar

I've found a problem with 2.0b6.2 when using Google Scholar (ff3.5). Initially my scholar preferences are set to point to my uni library with the Library Link option, and citation export format is set to BibTex. This works fine.

Then I perform a search using Google Scholar and the appropriate library link and export options are there for the matched articles. So far so good. I then use Save to Zotero from the address bar and then select the desired article from the list (only one of them): this saves fine. But in doing so Zotero is triggering something that clears the Google Scholar cookie, and the preferences are now lost. The next search no longer shows the library link [edit: if Zotero is set to auto download attachments, otherwise this function appears to survive], and export has dropped back to the EndNote format (default).

I've duplicated this exactly as described multiple times, and I extracted the relevant cookie from my profile cookies.sqlite file each time. They're listed below showing the cycle of missing/preferences, fixed, broken again (value of ID= field).


"broken", "1219044467304054", "GSP", "ID=83c1f9b81e28fe6c:HIN=744621b76b5baed3:CF=3", "", "/", "2147368444", "1247124335637000", "0", "0"
"reset", "1219044467304054", "GSP", "ID=83c1f9b81e28fe6c:IN=2544b70b5ac5c42f:HIN=744621b76b5baed3:CF=4", "", "/", "2147368443", "1247124701958000", "0", "0"
"and broken again", "1219044467304054", "GSP", "ID=83c1f9b81e28fe6c:HIN=744621b76b5baed3:CF=3", "", "/", "2147368444", "1247124813618000", "0", "0"

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