Editing docs from other Zotero users who have different Zotero libs.

I found that if I try to edit some docs from other colleagues who also using Zotero, I can edit the citations inside (but no button "Open in my lib"). I guess it is because those references are not in my Zotero lib. But later I found that actually I have some of those refs in my lib. If cite these refs from my own lib into same doc. I have repeated items in the reference list.

In the text I have:
(Burke et al., 2012a) and (Burke et al., 2012b)

In the reference list:
Burke R, Wong Q, William P. 2012a, A new analytical model for material science. xxx Journal, 6:11-19
Burke R, Wong Q, William P. 2012b, A new analytical model for material science. xxx Journal, 6:11-19

If I have many these citations, I may need to integrate them one by one?
Is there any good way to deal with this?
Thank you!
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    If you want to cite the item again, you just need to choose from the "Cited" section of the search results instead of your own library. You'd then have to rely on them to make any changes to the metadata. You can, of course, work from a shared group library to allow everyone to edit the items.

    (Note that this is in the default Quick Format dialog, not the classic Add Citation dialog.)
  • And if you've already added duplicates from your own library then you'll need to reinsert those, yes.
  • Thank you. Just wonder if any instruction on the shared group lib?
  • General documentation for groups is here:


    Let us know if you have other questions.
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