zbib manual entry -- artwork

I was helping someone who was doing a manual entry on Zbib for an artwork. The artist name is NOT showing up in the citation that Zbib creates. What's wrong?
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    What style are you using? And how are you adding the item to zbib?
  • Manual entry -- and it looks like artist simply isn't mapped (doesn't show up in Chicago, MLA, APA -- should just map to author).

    I think this is just a missing mapping in zbib cc @dstillman
  • I tried all the top styles and the author didn't show for any of them.
  • Hi again, any idea when this will be corrected? I know the Art History librarian at my university would like to recommend zbib to her undergraduate students, but not if it can't format an artwork correctly. Thanks.
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    This is now fixed — thanks for letting us know.
  • Thank you!!
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