Author's first name randomly appears

Sometimes when making in-text citations (using an edited version of APA 6th edition), the author's first name will appear. In all the other in-text citations only last names appear but for some reason the first name will show up in some citations.

Why is this and how can I fix it so that no first names appear in in-text citations?
  • Thanks! I think for one of my citations something else is going on though. The author's name is the same everywhere but the first name appears both in the in-text citation and in the bibliography whereas for all the other authors no first name appears in-text and only the initial appears in the bibliography.
  • How is that author name entered in your Zotero library? Are the items connected to your library (check by opening the Edit Citation window in Word with that item, click on the blue bubble for the item, and see if there is a View in My Library button).
  • First and last names are entered in separate boxes. There is no blue bubble for this item in my Zotero library...
  • It changed all of a sudden so that the first name no longer appears but now the same thing is happening with another author.
  • The blue bubble is in the word processor dialog, not Zotero itself. The point there is that if you cited an item, then later deleted it from your library, the document will "remember" the original data and use it for processing citations (possibly leading to anomalies in name disambiguation etc). Any such items would not be visible in the library, so you have to check citations in the document.
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