Minor error inputting autofill names

This error is minor, but happens often for me when I'm typing too quickly.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Begin typing the name of any existing author in your library, to populate the autofill dropdown.
2. Arrow key down to highlight the right name.
3a. If you press enter the name is inserted correctly.
3b. If you press tab, the full name (last-comma-first) is inserted in the last-name field, and the first-name field is selected but blank.

I realize that perhaps logically tab should highlight the first-name field in this scenario, but when autofill supplies full names, that's not necessary. Or maybe this is intentional, so that if you do choose one of the last-name-only options you can then supply the first name. (That would only be useful if you happen to have two authors with the same last name and want to save time typing it out though, which seems much rarer than inputting the full name. Still, if that is intentional, I suppose it would be very difficult to automatically distinguish the intent of a tab in that case.

Anyway, I do this at least once per day, and then just have to go back and fix it. Not a big problem, but would make things smoother for me if (3b) worked like (3a).

Zotero for Mac (current version, but this has always been the case, just thought to mention it now).
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