Bulk import of tags?

Hi there - I am a noob at much of this, so apologies if it's a "duh" question. I did a search online for my issue but could not find a solution as yet.

I have bulk downloaded citations from reference sections of maybe 20 reviews. When I did so, I did not get the tags nor keywords (I was doing this through Scopus).

Since downloading, I have linked to many many of these citations in the thesis I am writing in Word.

Now, I want to update the citations in Zotero with the tags/keywords that go with the pdfs (I'll add my own in future I'm sure but do want the original ones from the authors and publishers).

The only option I can think of now is to re-download all the citations w/ the tags/keywords and have to merge all the duplicates manually later.

Is there a more efficient way that I am not aware of?

Thank you!
  • No, there's no easy way. There's also no fixed set of tags/keywords that go with any given PDF -- those are defined by databases and e.g. Scopus is likely to have different ones than pubmed etc.
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