No Zotero functionality when Google Docs when opened in Dropbox


Dropbox now makes it possible to create, edit and share Google Docs from within Dropbox. Currently, a Google Doc created in Dropbox doesn't show the Zotero menu item: it looks like the connector doesn't recognise it as a Google Doc.

It's a minor thing and may be very easy or very hard to fix, but thought you should know.

  • Wondering if anyone's peaked at this yet.
  • @adomasven will need to take a look to see if this is possible. (And you're probably right: this is likely either very easy or very hard.)
  • Not entirely sure if this is possible based on an initial inspection, but i have created a ticket and we'll consider this in the future.
  • Three years later, is this solved?
  • This is no longer relevant, as Dropbox has migrated all embedded Google documents back to Google-hosted versions, and replaced them with linke. Zotero works fine with them.
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