Alphabetical order of styles in word processor plugin

Is that just me or aren't styles shown in alphabetical order in the word processor pluging (OOo)? Can I change this? No big deal, but would be nice to have them ordered somehow! ;-)
  • they aren't in any understandable order in the style manager or the chrome panel either (although the order is consistent). I agree - while no big deal it would be nice to have this either alphabetical or customizable - or at least in some recognizable way systematic (and, if someone knows, I'd be plain curious what determines the order now).
    (in case this is OS specific I'm on Ubuntu with FF 3.5 and Zt 2.06b
  • At work, using XP and FF 3.0, the styles are shown in alphabetical order - but not at home as mentioned (using Kubuntu and Xubuntu 9.04).
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