Tags not imported from Mendeley via RIS

  • I have imported hundred of files from Mendeley using an ris file. I tagged all my files according to their previous folders so I could re-org easily when I switched back to Zotero. Unfortunately, when I use the bottom tag finder to find "trauma type", it comes up with nothing from my newly imported files. Any ideas? Thanks much!
  • @josq Generally better to start a new thread with an unrelated issue.

    The best approach to importing a Mendeley database if you want to preserve folder structure is not to use a RIS file, but instead to use Zotero's native import function. See here for details: https://www.zotero.org/support/kb/mendeley_import

    I recommend starting over and using that function for the least amount of difficulty.
  • @BWIERNIK - thank you. I'm sorry, I thought this was a related forum. My mistake.

    When I follow the import link and read how to do the import (I am using 1.19 of mendeley), it's very confusing. I follow the link there for how to locate my data director https://service.elsevier.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/18153/ and when I follow those steps, it creates a zip file. When I use the Zotero import option for Mendeley there is a long string of numbers but it's from 2 days ago. Does this mean I have to download 1.18?
  • Oh and I should correct the original post: I used a BibTex file not a Ris one.
  • Importing via RIS or BibTeX is a different (and inferior) process than importing following these directions: https://www.zotero.org/support/kb/mendeley_import

    Yes, to follow the directions I linked to, you need to install Mendeley 1.18 and sync. Download links for Mendeley 1.18 are given on the page above.
  • Thank you! Just a few more questions:

    1. I don't understand step 2, "Move your database out of the Mendeley data directory to a temporary location." When I click that link it just helps me create a zip file. Is that the correct flow?

    2. Would you recommend I uninstall the 1.19 version first?
  • When I click that link it just helps me create a zip file. Is that the correct flow?
    There are instructions on that page for locating your Mendeley data directory. That's the relevant part.
    Would you recommend I uninstall the 1.19 version first?
    You can just install Mendeley 1.18 over your current version.
  • THANK YOU! Sorry for the confusion (I was still only able to get a zip backup on Mendeley I never really had to use) - but I finally transferred my files over successfully. Woot! I'm sure this seems like a very easy process, but I so appreciate the hand holding and suggestions ... as well as all the wonderful features on Zotero. Cheers!
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