Importing notes from text file (easy Kindle integration)

Hey Y'all. I do a lot of reading and note-taking on my Kindle. And while I've found a way to import my notes from Kindle to Zotero (on Mac), I want to refine my workflow a bit. Could use y'all's help:

Right now, I use to download all my highlights and notes off my kindle, and download it in the form of a text file (one text file per book). I could copy/paste these markings to a single note in Zotero. But what I really want to do is create a new Zotero note for each highlight/marking in the text file.

Logically, this seems like it should be really easy to do. In the text file, each note and highlight is separated by two lines of blank space. So what I'd like to do is create an AppleScript that lets me import my notes, search for what text file I want to import into what book, then read the text file, creating a new note every time it reaches a blank space.

I have AppleScript experience. But I've never written a script for Zotero. Any idea how can I go about making this script a reality? Any documentation available for using Applescript to control Zotero?

I really don't want to have to use Evernote.
  • ZonxMagoo, did you ever figure out that script?
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    How would the script know in what collection to store the notes/what item to attache the notes to?
  • @emilianoeheyns Like I said, there would be one text file of notes per book. So I figured I could just have the script ask me what to choose what book I want that text file associated with. The bigger question is now to take that giant text file of notes and split into several smaller notes in Zotero.

    And I know how to manipulate text in AppleScript (i.e., look for two blank lines as the marker between one note and the next). What I was really hoping for (@fcoingrid to answer your question) is for someone to tell me what Zotero functions are scriptable in AppleScript, and how/where to access those AppleScript functions or information about them.

    So far, these forums have been sadly less than ideally helpful. Maybe that will change soon.
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    None of Zotero is scriptable using applescript directly. You can execute javascript inside Zotero using an HTTP endpoint if you install, if you accept the attending risk of doing so. I accept no responsibility for the chaos you might create this way. You can of course use this endpoint from applescript, but I wouldn't count that as being applescript-enabled.
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