Hidden Preferences: changing the locale trick does not work (anymore)?

I would like t have a german version of zotero with an english version of firefox and i found out about the "hidden locale-trick":

"By default, Zotero creates bibliographies in the language of the installed version of Firefox. Entering a locale code here causes Zotero to use the specified language instead. For example, to cite items in English in a non-English version of Firefox, enter 'en-US' (without quotes) into this preference. For a full list of available locale codes, see Zotero's chrome manifest."

I have tried this some time ago when I was still using zotero 1.0.9 and it worked, but it does not seem to work anymore(?) has this got something to do with zotero 2.X? I have set the value to "de-AT" (without quotation marks) but it did not change the interface language of zotero.
  • First, are you trying to change the interface language or the bibliography language?

    Interface language is general.useragent.locale.

    Bibliography language is extensions.zotero.export.bibliographyLocale.

    And then, try de-DE. The de-AT locale is incomplete. (I'll create a ticket to merge de-DE strings into de-AT so at least it has those rather than English.)
  • did the trick - thanks.
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