Switching to Zotero from Papers

  • edited March 13, 2023
    @lastbroadcast I used Papers3 on my Catalina OS in my office, and it seems to do the job! I exported some entries and it all ok. I haven't use your script because I think that doing manually using the right tag is enough for me.

    One question: did you success to export notes and highlighting ? (I suppose no.. but I still ask). thank you a lot !
  • @mareb - sorry, I suppose that doesn't translate too well! Faff => bothersome.

    Glad to hear you got it working. Yes, the notes that I made on the references exported fine, and also the annotations/highlighting that I made on the associated pdf files.
  • I am now trying to leave Papers, but it seems to no longer have XML exporting. I was wondering if folks had ideas on what to do given that. Papers is still running on my mac (M2 chip, Sonoma). The export options are csv, bib, ris and Mendeley.
  • Sounds like BibTeX is going to be OK. Also curious what "Mendeley" would do. That might actually be XML (or something else entirely)
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