Saved edited pdf file to the wrong citation folder

I am not entirely sure as to how Zotero stores pdf files that are linked to each of the citations but as a longtime user, I notice that each citation has a distinct folder to which the file is saved to.

I was working on a report and probably had 10 or more pdf files open, a few of which had new annotations that I had not yet saved. As I prepared to shut down my computer, I closed Adobe Reader and chose "close all tabs". The prompt to Save changes>Save As>Recent Folder (with a selection of folders with random alphanumeric names) came up and I foolishly selected the top most folder (This usually works well for me when I have a single pdf open as the most recent folder would be the original, zotero-assigned folder for the pdf). Long story short, I now have 3 pdfs sitting in 1 folder.:(

My questions:
1. How will this affect my ability to retrieve each of these pdfs using their respective parent citations?
2. Is this something I can fix (i.e. Is there a way for me to know what those folders were originally? Can I restore the files to their original folders? )
3. Should I try fixing it or should I just leave it alone?

Appreciate any help on this. A bit wary that it may lead to problems accessing the pdfs in the future.


  • You should move the other two PDFs into their respective folders. You can find those by doing Show File on the attachment items in Zotero (which will locate the original PDFs, which you wanted to replace).
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