Zotero 5.1 timeline?


I'm new to Zotero and in migrating from Mendeley, I encountered a number of issues that I have been able to resolve using Zotfile and help from the forums (PMID search). I noticed that several issues appear to be being in plans to be resolved in Zotero 5.1 (I think the related issue on GitHub is "DB Upgrade" or somesuch). But I can't see an actual timeline for when 5.1 is being hoped for for release. Is there one? Or is 5.1 aspirational?

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    Updated item types and fields are coming very soon, but can you say what exactly you're having trouble with? Most things planned for the types/fields update can be worked around easily using the Extra field.
  • Great to know! My main workflow issue at the moment actually has to do with duplicates. Ideally, I'd sync to the Pubmed data for every document that had a PMID, then automatically merge them. I realize this is already in the Extra data field, but since there's also other stuff there it makes it just slightly more difficult to imagine coding up. Pointers to work on Github for merging would be appreciated.
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    Probably better to wait if you can. It's pretty trivial to parse the PMID out of Extra, but we'll add PMID support to the existing duplicate detection once there's a dedicated field.

    (That said, if you wanted to do it now, it'd be pretty easy to add a few lines to duplicates.js that parsed the value out of Extra.)
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