Convert word document to latex document

I wrote my report on MS word that need to be covert to latex. I can export all the ref to bib file but can not convert the cite part. Specifically, I need to change inserted citation (e.g. [name] ) of the main body of the reprt to ~\cite{name}. How to do that>
  • It's possible but requires some effort on your part:

    With BBT installed and this setting active, BBT will replace the note field of the items being cited with the citekey. This smuggles the cite keys into the citation engine, and you can then use a custom CSL style (such as this, but you will have to modify it to get the precise behavior you want) to render the citations in the \cite{note} format.

    You can easily expect to spend a full day or more to get this to work if this is the first time you've done this, but I know of no other way.
  • I've been playing around with this method to help with the transfer of a document from Word to LaTeX. It's generally working nicely, however, for some reference types ('Web Page' in particular) I'm getting '[CSL STYLE ERROR: reference with no printed form.]' rather than the citation key within the Word doc. If I look within Zotero these entries do not have their citation key copied within the 'Extra' field as for other entry types such as Journal. Is there an easy fix for this I'm missing!? Thanks in advance
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