Feature Request: Allow creation of "Retracted Items" saved search in Groups

As per title -- I think this should work exactly the way it does for Duplicate and Unfiled, i.e. a right-lick option to create when it's not already there.

Obviously not urgent, but would be nice to have and presumably be pretty easy to do.
  • Retracted Items works a bit differently from the other two virtual collections, by design. You can hide and show it, but only when there are retracted items in the library. When there aren't, it just disappears, since there's no point in showing it or manually managing its visibility. If it was previously manually hidden and a new retracted item is found, it will automatically be made visible again. There's no difference between personal and group libraries.
  • ah, got it -- that's great, thanks.
  • edited June 19, 2019
    Ah, but there's a bug that can cause the Retracted Items collection — and possibly some retractions — not to be shown in a given library (if the library hasn't yet been loaded when the retraction check occurs). We'll fix that.
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