More than one Citation in Word

Hello everybody,

I hope you can help me. I have a problem citing from more than one source in Word.
I am using Zotero and Word with MacOS Mojave and the APA-Style (6th edition, German language).

If I cite only from one source (z.B. Hans Müller & Lisa Schmid, 2018) it looks like this: (Müller & Schmidt, 2018). This is fine. But if I add another citation (z.B. Anna Meier & Max Löw, 2004) in the same citation slot it changes: (A. Meier & M. Löw, 2004; H. Müller & L. Schmid, 2018). Can anybody tell me how I can get rid of the first names in my citations in Word?

Thanks in advance!
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