Track changes disappeared

This discussion was created from comments split from: URGENT -- Error with Word for Mac 2011 and Zotero.
  • Hello everybody
    I am still having trouble with Zotero 67.3. What happened was that I was inserting a citation, and then the whole document changed in such way that all my track changes disappeared and the bibliography as well. This makes it almost impossible to work in word with Zotero. I really hope that there will be some solution to this, because my whole ph.d. is written with zotero reference system? Or is the solution to reinstall an older version of Zotero and turn the automatic update of?

  • @"Marie Leer": What exact version of Word are you using? As far as we know the issue in this thread was fixed in Note that Track Changes can interfere with Zotero and you should turn it off and accept all changes before using Zotero in a document.
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