title suggestions in OOo/Word plugin

I'd find it really helpful if the word processor plugins could automatically present me some titles that I am most likely to cite. For instance, it could list in a separate field the last couple of titles that I cited before. Or, if that's possible at all, it could analyze the last words before the citation field in the document and check for author names. This might be helpful in the following situations:

I may quote the same author/publication several times on one page or in one paragraph. Right now, as I understand it, I have to type in the authors name each time and search for the desired title. With the suggested feature, I would immediately see the title in a seperate field and could directly select it.
The other situation might be a sentence along the line of:" As Katz (1999) described..." Here the plugin could sense that the preceding word is an author in the database, highlight all related titles and automatically check the suppress author option.
  • I agree it would be nice, but my request is more modest. All I want is for the last title I used to be selected - this would be a fantastic feature for me, as I'm often citing the same source. This is what Endnote does and it makes it much faster for me.
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