Translator mistake

At, Zotero picks up the three authors' names "Alessandro Olper, Jan Fałkowski and Johan Swinnen" and converts them to a single author.

(Sorry I'm a new user and maybe this is the wrong place to report this error. I just thought someone should know.)
  • Here is great. This is coming from their metadata
    AU - Olper, Alessandro Fałkowski, Jan Swinnen, Johan

    (this is from "Download Citation-->RIS")
    and it'll be tricky to work around this on our end, so if you could start by reporting to them, that'd be very helpful.
  • edited June 14, 2019
    That should just be 3 AU lines, right? This is indeed going to be a very tricky thing to correct for. Just splitting the name into given and family name is already dicey.

    I've looked at the available export formats on that reference, and the only ones close to right seem to be EndNote and Medlars; RIS, BibTex and RefWorks all have broken authors fields on that reference.
  • Yes, three AU lines would be correct. (The fastest way to see these things is most of the time to export an example from Zotero into RIS, because Zotero is usually following the standards.)
  • The HTML metatags are actually correct, so that's what we'd use I think. The problem is that this is a generic translator for all Atypon CMS managed sites, so workarounds are problematic to implement.
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