Bug related to how Zotero Chrome addon collects Escholarship metadata


I've noticed that Zotero does not correctly capture all of the metadata from eScholarship. For example, when I add any of these escholarship publications to my Zotero library, the publication name (i.e. Journal) does not come with it, leading to incorrect citations:


I checked, and Mendeley's addon does capture the correct publication name, so it looks like the issue lies in how Zotero gathers that information, not necessarily with escholarship.

Is this something that can be resolved easily?
Thank you!
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    It actually does look to be a problem with their site. They're not providing the journal title in the citation_journal_title field of the page's embedded metadata that Zotero is using.

    I'd guess that Mendeley just looks up data for the DOI on the page, and you'll get the same behavior in Zotero if you right-click on the save button and choose to save via DOI instead of Embedded Metadata.

    A future version of Zotero will offer the ability to fill in missing fields in cases like this. (It will also likely try multiple save options automatically and fill in missing fields at save time, but since site metadata is sometimes more accurate, just relying on the DOI isn't necessarily the best approach.)
  • Thank you for clarifying and providing a potential way to resolve this immediately.

    I'll raise the missing field directly with the eScholarship team and try to get them to resolve it.
  • Writing from eScholarship here--

    Thanks for the notice! We've added this to our issues tracker and will let you know when we've a solution in place. : )
  • Thanks again for the report. We believe that our latest fix has resolved the issue. Give it a try and let us know!
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