One more copy of data with library hierarchy lost after upgrading to 2.0b6.1

I'm using Zotero in two computers, syncing the data, but not files, through internet.
I upgraded one of them to 2.0b6.1 yesterday, and the other today.

After upgrade, all the entries in 'My Library' were shown as if they had no hierarchy.
Good thing was that, there were also folders with intact hierarchy with all data in it preserved.
So I now have two copies of every entry: one with intact hierarchy and one without any hierarchy.

Do someone know why this happens?
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    'Hierarchy' above indicates the tree-like structure the entries have. For example, one collection may contain several articles, and one article may contain several snapshots, memos, links, etc, in it. In my case, all of the articles, snapshots, memos, links, etc are shown in the middle list, rather than just the articles, when I select 'My library' in 'Collections.'

    (Is it normal? Now I doubt if I'm really reporting a bug.. Anyway, it would be better if the middle list show just articles, and not the memos included in it..)
  • This should be fixed in 2.0b6.2. If you have a library on one of your machines that doesn't exhibit this problem, you can restore to the server from that one and then restore from the server on the others. (See Troubleshooting Sync Errors for more info.)
  • Thank you, that procedure solved the problem. Fortunately I didn't add any item in the computer that showed problem, so I didn't lost any data.

    I think the problem might be confined to the computer that is upgraded 'later' than other computers that shares the library, because I didn't find any problem in the 'first' computer that I upgraded to 2.0b6.1.
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