Juris-M - Abbreviation styles not loading

I'm having problems with the Juris-M abbreviations. I'm trying to cite ECHR cases, and I generally need to use commonwealth and international cases.

First, the Juris-M app doesn't seem to have the EURO-EXPERT or the commonwealth repositories for editing abbreviations (the ones listed here https://juris-m.readthedocs.io/en/latest/abbrevs.html) that are supposed to come bundled with the app. (I downloaded installed the latest app today, I've been using the standard zotero before this).

Second, I found some of the required .json files on github, and tried to use them to load the abbreviations onto the style editor, but that didn't seem to work. The only thing that did work was manually editing the abbreviations in the style editor.

What am I missing here?
  • There have been some rapid changes in the past few weeks, and I need to update that document. In the latest releases, Jurism will now auto-load abbreviations appropriate to jurisdiction and style.

    ECHR and other international materials have not yet been configured to use the new method, but with your help, I can set it up. Once configured, support should be solid for future versions of Jurism: the new auto-config approach is a speed bump, but the project has finally hit stride on legal support.

    You can help by providing sample items that you need to cite. For that, visit the following page, log in to your Zotero account, and click the "Join" button:


    After joining the group, sync your Jurism, drag sample items into it, then sync to push your items to zotero.org. If you can point me at sample cite forms for each item, by writing the desired form into the Extra field of the sample, or by posting examples here, or as a link to a style guide, I can set things up.
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