Transfer files to new PC

Hello everyone. I was wondering if there is any special precaution I need to take while transferring my work to my new PC.

I was thinking of buying storage upgrade so that I can sync my files easily at once.
Another possibility is to add my current hard disk to my laptop, but since it's going to be named "D: drive" (instead of C:), I am afraid I might cause some kind of conflict.
  • Thank you for your answer. I'm aware of this, I was just wondering if there should be any extra precautions.

    Also, I was thinking of changing from MS Office to Libre Office in my new laptop. Is there a chance to break document links?
  • You can’t directly open a Word document with Zotero citations in the default form in LibreOffice—the two programs store the citations using different systems. See here for how to move documents from Word to LibreOffice:
  • Thank you again. I'm not risking it, I'll stick to office for this project. Any known incompatibility between office 2019 and previous versions? I think I've got 2013 right now.

  • No, office 2019 will work with your existing documents (and is much better).
  • I got my new PC and I synced libraries. Everything seems to be there, although I have exceeded my storage limit. Is there any chance some files to have been lost?
  • One more question. I am going through my library entries and I can see that there are some duplicate pdf files and pubmed snapshots undrer each entry. I'm deleting them manually, so I was wonering if they gonna re-appear when I hit the green sync arrow.
  • 1. If you've hit the storage limit, yes, there's a good chance not all attachments have transferred. You should be able to tell by showing the "attachment" column in the middle panel. Only items with a filled-out dot have attachments actually downloaded.

    2. Deleting duplicate attachments in Zotero does actually delete them; they won't reappear.
  • Thanks for your answer.

    If it's just the attachments it's OK, I can get them again.

    For the 2nd question, just to make sure.
    -I delete duplicate attachments in Zotero in my new PC.
    -It gets synced to Zotero cloud (one attachment per parent file).
    -If I use Zotero in my old PC (where locally there are some duplicate attachments), what happens after the auto sync? Does old PC send duplicates to cloud or does cloud delete duplicates on my old PC?

    I'm thinking of using both PCs and that would be good to know.
  • cloud deletes duplicates on old PC
  • Thank you once again!
  • OK, another question.

    I just noticed that some of my attachments are shown in a full blue circle, while others in an empty blue circle.

    The latter are shown as attachments but they can't be opened.

    I deleted some duplicates, emptied trash and hit the sync button, but nothing changes. At the moment I am at 96% of storage, so there is some room.

    Is there a way to add the missing papers or do I have to search for them again?
  • I deleted some duplicates, emptied trash and hit the sync button, but nothing changes. At the moment I am at 96% of storage, so there is some room.
    Synced where? The quota affects what gets uploaded, not downloaded. So deleting files on the new computer isn't going to affect what appears on that computer until you actually sync the old computer, since that's the only place where the files currently exist.

    The Files Not Syncing page linked from the attachment-not-found dialog explains in detail.
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