Zotero on Cloud Storage

I have a huge Zotero library (around 50 Gbs). Currently, I have all the files in Zotero/storage as well as in their original locations. All the files are currently stored on my company's servers. I have interns working for me who add items to the library and tag them from their desktops by connecting to the network drives.
I am now trying move everything to cloud storage. I want to all the interns (around 5) to be able to access my entire Zotero Library and add/remove items from it. I am considering Dropbox and Google Drive as my options. Dropbox seems to be more popular in the Zotero community.
As far as I understand, I would have to pay for Dropbox Plus so that my interns can access the library without having to copy it over to their desktops. They would set the dropbox folder as the Data Directory Location (a zotero library can be accessed by one application at a time, right?) I do not however, understand the requirement of Zotfile plugin. Can you please guide me through this? Thanks a lot in advance.
  • Absolutely do not set Dropbox as the data directory location. That will store your zotero database in Dropbox and lead to corruption.

    The best approach is to use Zotero Storage (https://www.zotero.org/storage/). That works seamlessly and without any additional setup on your part. It also will let you work with a Zotero Group (https://www.zotero.org/support/groups). This way, each of your assistants can have their own Zotero account and add items to the Group library. You can keep your own private library as well. In addition, you wouldn't need to share your password with the research assistants.
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