How to prevent the warning message

It pop up the message "you have modified citation sicne zotero generated it"。 I want to click no. But I have hundreds of footnotes, how can I click hundreds times of No. Why is there no option for no for all the warning message?
  • The message appears when a citation has been edited directly in the document, rather than through the Zotero "Add/Edit Citation" dialog. Clicking "No" will revert the citation to the automatically generated form, losing any changes made through the word processor. Once a citation is reverted, it will no longer issue the warning, Clicking "Yes" will fix the citation in its current form, and the warning will not appear unless the citation is opened directly with "Add/Edit Citation."

    I believe that changing to another style will force an update of all word-processor-edited citations, without warning, after which you can switch back to the original style. Note, though, that you will lose all of your manual changes.
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    See here for the best approach to customize/edit citations
  • This thing is that I want to click onece NO for all or click once yes for all. I have hundreds of footnotes in a monograph, I do not want to click hundreds times of NO or yes.
  • My suggestion above is equivalent to clicking "no" for all. That will overwrite your word-processor edits, so you would want to do that on a separate copy of the manuscript, and refer to the original when applying your existing edits to the corrected copy using the method given by @bwiernik .

    If you have made hundreds of citation changes through the word processor, you will need to do manual work to unfreeze the citations, because Zotero can't safely handle those automatically.

    If you are close to completion, and the steps above are unnecessarily cumbersome, you can unlink citations (again, in a copy of the document), and proceed with your final edits in the word processor as you have been doing.
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    I was experiencing this issue. Though I had only manually changed ~2% of the citations (in-text, not from the Zotero add/edit citation dialog), I was getting these errors for nearly all my citations whenever I used the Zotero dialog. It was very frustrating, but the solution was simple: copy-paste the whole text to a new document. Now everything works fine again!

    This was in Libreoffice 6.3.3 with Zotero 5.0.77.

    Maybe I did something wrong to the document, but if this is unexpected behaviour I saved the faulty document in case I can do some debugging to help with this issue.
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