Date Added and Modified are invisible

I can no longer see the values for the Date Added or Date Modified field in Zotero's center pane. I can add and remove the columns, and even sort correctly based on them, but I can't see the values. (Not really that I need them, since I only have that column visible so I can have my most recent entries visible, but it does seem a quirk.)

I'm running the newest version in FF Tested in multiple FF themes including default. I did have the column visible when I did the recent upgrade. I can see the dates fine in the Info pane.
  • I also observed today (May, 01, 2007) the same problem than scot: the "Date Added" or "Date Modified" field in Zotero's center pane are also not visible with my system. I have FF on Windows XP and Zotero most recent version (b.4r.5) that I updated yesterday on April, 30, 2007). The content of these two fields still exists because I can see them in the right pane with all the detailed information of a reference. The sort function seems also to perform correctly.
  • Confirmed, thanks. Note that this is Windows-only.
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