browsing zotero library through mobile device (safari) not displaying properly

Does anyone have any idea on why I can't see anything from zotero library when I visit it through my mobile device (ipad) using safari.

Basically here's a screenshot of what I see visiting the web page through my ipad and here's what I'd expect to see when I visit the same wep page on my desktop pc.
  • Likely the same as your other thread — you're using an old version of Safari that doesn't support modern web features and can no longer be updated.

    We'll see if we can find a copy of Safari 9 to debug these, but ultimately more and more sites aren't going to work for you. Best I can tell, Safari 9 has <0.1% market share at this point.
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    Cool, thanks I'll see if there's a way to push stuff from bibsonomy to zotero maybe that could do the trick, instead of using a one step procedure now I'll have to use a two step, bookmark to bibsonomy and from there somehow get it into zotero.
  • I have a iPad Pro 12.3.1 and it doesn’t work. I have bookmark Save to zotero as explain on the website.After many attempts we don’t have the option the save to zotero. Can you help me? It’s a expected behavior? I have down load PaperShip and it doesn’t help me. Thanks you.
  • @SeverineStark If you are able to bookmark articles into a bookmarking service then you'll probably be able to push them at later time to zotero, for instance visiting those bookmarks from your laptop/pc.

    I don't have an ipad pro but I believe that should be doable (although pure speculation). Try using a different browser like chrome with the zotero plugin and while being logged in into your zotero account.

    It could be probably possible that this way it might work to add the reference into your zotero account but I think it won't work for the attachment pdf associated with that reference.
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