Can't save ISBN

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  • Hi,
    my question on the Magic wand icon/Add item(s) by identifier tool is smaller and less snarky (I hope). I use the tool on a daily basis and it works 99% of the time.
    Then I read posts on and found that you get the information from many sites, as mentioned in the thread here, including from Open WorldCat. Fine.

    What puzzles me is when it doesn't and that the number is found in WorldCat. Any idea how this can be ?
    Example I last encountered was the ISBN 978-2330-118778.

    And otherwise, keep up the good work, my whole intellectual life depends on it !

  • That ISBN works for me. I get this book. If that's not happening for you, can you provide a Debug ID for an attempt that fails?
  • Yes, this is the one, that I find as well on WorldCat.
    Here is the Debug ID for this operation : D889584169.

    Amazing response time, I am speechless :)
  • TypeError: translator.getCode is not a function
    Something's wrong with your translators. Try resetting translators in the Advanced → Files and Folders pane of the Zotero preferences.
  • Yes indeed, after the reset it finds it and it works :-D
    Thanks a lot, very efficient indeed !
    All the best
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