BibTeX generic citation style no end line and no url

BibTeX generic citation style has two problems
- do not has end line to better visualization
- do not has url
  • You'll want to use the BibTeX.js exporter (either the native one or the one that ships with Better BibTeX) in 99% of cases.

    The csl file is meant to demonstrate how to write such styles and to address particular edge cases (e.g. easing the conversion of files written with CSL citations into other formats).

    The lack of line endings is intentional. See

    Similarly, BibTeXing does not specify a definitive field for url, nor recommend a best practice for omitting urls from documents when using some BST styles.

    That being said, the exporter addresses both of your issues.
  • In BBT, what happens with the URL is configurable in the preferences where you get to pick what compromise you want, because as @noksagt correctly points out, bibtex styles don't generally support the url field, although some may. If nothing of those choices do what you want, you can do it in a postscript.

    If you are free to move to biblatex, that solves the problem more structurally.
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