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How can I manage UN resolutions in Juris-M to have the correct citation Oscola style in my document
  • I can set that up for you. Can you post a link to the OSCOLA guide that has a citation sample (not sure if it's in the main guide or a supplement these days).
  • Hi, the document can be found here,
    UN docs at page 32, thank you
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    Great, thanks. Can you explain the semantics of these two examples? The first looks to be to the General Assembly Official Records. Is the latter form used in writing for publication, and if so how would you go about retrieving the text?
    • UNGA Res 2621 (1970) GAOR 25th Session Supp 16, 10
    • UNGA Res 3314 (XXIX) (14 December 1974)
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    If I am citing a UN Security Council Resolution, (author/title/(date)/UN Doc/document number) therefore UNSC Res 2417 (24 May 2018) UN Doc S/RES/2417 (2018) if the reference is repeated in the document I want to use short version UN Res 2417 (nx)
  • Let's work on first-reference cite forms first. So a cite to a Security Council resolution should look like this (without the year in parens at the end):
    • UNSC Res 2417 (24 May 2018) UN Doc S/RES/2417
    My question is about the roman numerals in the following cite form to resolutions of the General Assembly. The form is used several times in the OSCOLA example, and I would like to know what it means:
    • UNGA Res 3314 (XXIX) (14 December 1974)
    • Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples, UNGA Res 1514 (XV) (14 Dec 1960) (adopted by 89 votes to none; 9 abstentions)
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    I think I have an answer. The quality of guidance on citing international materials is pretty spotty out there. OSCOLA 2006 just lists citation samples, without any information on citation elements or specifics on the materials cited. For more detailed guidance, it refers to a guide maintained by the American Society of International Law, but that site seems to have been reorganized since that early edition of OSCOLA, and as far as I can tell it just provides links to documents, without any guidance on how to cite them.

    The Indigo Book is limited to US law. The Bluebook, from which Indigo Book is derived, is not available to me, so I have no idea what they have to say. I did find a guide maintained by a faculty in Geneva, though, which provides the following Delphic gloss on the roman numeral element of General Assembly resolutions:
    Before 1976 (31st session), the resolution number is indicated as a Roman numeral in parentheses after the resolution number. After 1976, it is cited in Arabic numbers.
    Apart from pegging the 1976 formatting watershed, that's cryptically circular, but I guess the gist of it is that "3314 (XXIX)" should be treated as a single unit of metadata. I'll build the style module on that assumption.
  • I have a copy of the 20th edition of The Bluebook. It has pretty extensive guidance on International materials (Rule 21). Send me an email and I can give details.
  • Thanks, Brenton. No need for this item. I have a copy at work if I get stuck and need the inside skinny.
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    the roman numerals in the above are part of the official numbering of the resolution, particularly prevalent in earlier resolutions,
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    sorry to stress, but any update on my question, many thanks
  • Working on it now. An update to Jurism is in the queue, and support for UN resolutions will be included in it. When it's out, I'll post a link here to a library that contains a sample, so you can see how the data should be entered.
  • (The fresh release will be out tomorrow, Monday, Japan time)
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    Jurism 5.0.66m58 just went up. If you have a recent version installed, it should update automatically within 24 hours, or you can update immediately with Help -> Check for updates.

    The new release should handle UN resolutions correctly (either in the basic form, or cited to a reporter). For entry samples, join this read-only public library and sync Jurism. The collection "jm-oscola" contains four resolution samples (entered as type "Bill") that illustrate how the item data should be entered in your Jurism records.
  • Was this tagged on github? My .deb build looks at https://github.com/juris-m/zotero/releases.atom for new versions but I don't see it there.
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    Sorry, will stick a tag on it soonish. (The builds aren't fully automated, partly out of sloth, but mostly because the process is complex and sometimes fails for timeouts part-way through.)
  • Jumping back on this. Using Jurism Indigo Book (law review) style, and the title of the resolution is not maintained (using the Bill document type), even though that is required under BB Rule 21. For example:

    CESCR "General Comment No.14: the Right to the Highest Attainable Standard of Health", UN Doc. No. E/C.12/2000/4 (2000).

    is coming out as only

    CESCR UN Doc. No. E/C.12/2000/4 (2000).

    Any guidance? Thanks!

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