removing the pop up "add http://" when adding an anchor link

I use a lot of anchor links in my notes and the new add link interface with the anchor drop down is really great!

The only thing is that each time I add a link to an anchor and click on "ok", I am asked:

> The URL you entered seems to be an external link. Do you want to add the required http:// prefix?

That would be great if this pop up only shows up when an internet url is added, no an anchor link.

  • I've fixed this in the latest Zotero beta.
  • edited July 4, 2019
    My Zotero version is 5.0.69 (latest), and I am still getting this message. The changelog lists this bug as fixed (under 5.0.67), but the problem is now back, it seems. Thanks for considering this issue at the next update.
    In my case, I get this prompt with any type of link, not only with anchor links like in the first post.
  • Sorry about that — there was a typo in the fix for this in 5.0.67 that made the problem worse. This should now be fixed properly in the Zotero beta, and the fix will be included in 5.0.70 soon.
  • Also, I noticed that this feature doesn't recognize https:// addresses. Since SSL should be the standard for web links, can we ensure these are recognized as valid?
  • @ntnsndr: As noted above, a typo in the fix for the original issue caused this prompt to show up for any link in 5.0.67. There was no difference between HTTP and HTTPS links. This regression is fixed for the next version, along with the original bug.
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