zotfile annotations extraction

as i understand zotfile should be able to extract not only highlighted passages but also text added by the reader by means of [text fields] and/or [memos].
but whichever way i choose to add text with personal comment, in the annotations fgiel i find only the highlighted passages.
my setup is mac with osx 10.4.5, zotero 5.0.66 and zotfile 5.0.10

thank you for your help
  • Highlights, underlines, and comment bubbles are supported.
  • hi bwiernik,
    tank you for the reply, comment bubbles (i called them [memos]) are not extracted.
    any idea? any idea about how to test the situation?
  • What PDF program are you using for annotations?
  • hi bwiernik,
    i use the Preview app which is the system viewer/editor for PDF in OSX.
    i tried to change it and use Skim, by changing extensions.zotfile.pdfExtraction.openPdfMac_skim
    from false to true, closed zotero, restarted it, but when i opened a PDF from Zotero always Previews popped up
  • Try to make an annotation with Adobe Reader and see if it works (just trying to figure out where the problem comes from.)

    (Don’t use that setting—that’s not what it does, and Skim annotations aren’t standard and won’t work easily with Zotfile.)
  • thank you for the suggestion.
    the bubble comment inserted with Acrobat reader is extracted.
    but what's strange is that 'now' i am able to write annotations with Preview and to extract them. i don't know nor understand what was 'before', but 'now' things are going again as i remembered - or should i suspect that extracting the annotation made with Acrobat had a sort of 'resetting effect'?
  • Preview seems to sometimes have issues with storing annotations in non-standard formats.
  • I have a similar issue. I annotated a PDF with more or less the latest version of Acrobat Reader on Windows using the Comments toolbars. When I use ZotFile to extract the annotations, I get exactly what I expect for "Sticky Notes" (ie. bubbles) - a copy of the text I typed into the Sticky Note exactly as it appears in the list of comments on the right side of the viewer (which in the case of Sticky Notes are one and the same). But for "Underlined Text", I get a copy of the underlined text, not the text of the comment that I wrote in the list of comments (as opposed to the Sticky Note, these two components are not the same for Underline, Highlight, etc.). In other words, the way I use "Underline", I underline the text in the original PDF but I write my own personal comments or interpretation of what I underlined in the comment pane and that is what I am trying to get into Zotero. One other way of illustrating this - if I am writing a literature review, I need my thoughts on the underlined text added into Zotero, not the original text itself, unless I'm planning one giant plagiarism project.

    I tried editing the the extensions.zotfile.pdfExtraction.formatAnnotationUnderline value but I can't seem to figure out the correct tag to return the user's part of the comment. %(content) gives the underlined text, which I assume is a function of the pdf.js, which is a little over my head to figure out since I work in other languages.

    So is there a tag for the user's text entry portion of the underlined text comment?

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