Consistency check between local and webdav storage


I store my file attachments on pCloud via WebDAV. After a small WebDAV glitch (which is now fixed) I looked at the folder on pCloud and noticed differences between it and my local (Windows) storage folder.

pCloud WebDAV folder (/zotero/):
- 941 files, mix of .zip and .prop

Windows folder c:\users\username\zotero\storage:
- 661 folders, no files

To anyone who knows how Zotero works with WebDAV, does this look 'normal'?

Is there an automated way to check consistency between the two locations?

(I couldn't find this covered in the documentation but if it is, please point me to the appropriate place.)

  • You can run Reset File Sync History in the Sync → Reset pane of the preferences to force Zotero to check that all local files exist on the WebDAV server. (Don't use the other reset option.)

    In terms of numbers, there should be a zip and prop for each attachment (so it's the 941 number divided by 2), and there may be folders in 'storage' without visible files (so it might be less than 661). There might be some orphaned files on WebDAV (which should get cleared automatically) or orphaned folders locally, so I wouldn't really worry about the precise numbers.
  • Many thanks @dstillman . The Reset went okay so I'll assume all is okay.
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