Chinese Std GB/T 7714-2005: when authors are more than three

The citation style is different for English references and Chinese references, specifically, for English references with authors more than three, "et al." is used, while for Chinese references with authors more than three,"等." is used, how to realize this?
Thanks a lot
  • For example,
    [1]朱冬林,任光明,聂得新,等. 库水位变化下对水库滑坡稳定性影响的预测[J].水文地质工程,2002,29(3):6-9.
    [2] Zhu Dong-ling,Ren Guang-ming,Nie De-xin,et al. Effecting and forecasting of landslide stability with the change of reservoir water level[J].Hydrological Geology and Engineering Geology,2002,29(3):6-9.
  • This isn’t possible in Zotero (references can’t change their language based on item language), but is possible in Juris-M, a third-party version of Zotero with expanded multilingual support.
  • isn't it possible to add some conditions when the authors are more than three and the item is English through CSL style?
    I mean, right now, if the authors are more than three, "et al." will be used, how about adding one more condition?
  • It’s not possible to change a style’s locale on a per-item basis. That’s possible in the extended version of CSL (CSL-M) that Juris-M uses, but not stock CSL that Zotero uses. You could try to modify the CSL style in regular Zotero using one of the CSL-M styles as a template. Zotero will warn you that the style isn’t valid, but it still may work. As it isn’t valid CSL, this change would not be made in the official version of the style on the CSL repository.
  • OK, thanks for your clarification.
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