File syncing dectivated but still happening

Hi there, I have disabled file syncing, but when I delete an attachment on line it gets deleted from the local library as well, and if I restore it from the local trash bin it gets undeleted in the on line storage as well. My ZotFile is set to "Attach stored copy of file(s)".
I'd leave it as is, but in a few days my Zotero space plan is expiring, and I am planning on letting it lapse, as I don't need it anymore.
I received a notification stating "If you fail to renew within the first thirty days after locking, stored files in excess of the free limit will be deleted", so I am worried: will the local pdfs be deleted as well?


Zotero 5.0.66 on MacOS Sierra 10.12.6
  • No, local files will never get deleted by Zotero unless you yourself delete them (as you did when you deleted them online). All that'll happen once your storage subscription expires is that the online copy of the file will be removed.
  • Thanks, that clarifies that. But why are my deletions synced despite having unselected the file sync option?
  • You're deleting the attachment item, which is just an item in your database. Item changes still sync when you disable file syncing.
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