Copy/paste Zotero bibliographies between documents

  • Is there a way you can copy/paste a bibliography from Zotero? Somehow between various switching of our paper, something messed up. Now, in one version of the paper Zotero is working (listing out the bib). In the newer version, Zotero is not connecting to the bib. So I'm wondering if I can copy/paste bib from draft 1 to the current draft? Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
  • (This isn't related to the beta feature announced in the thread you posted to, so I've moved this to its own thread.)

    What word processor are you using? You should be able to paste Zotero citations between documents of the same word processor, yes. But unless you've made manual modifications to the bibliography, you can also just delete the bibliography in the newer document and reinsert it.
  • I am using Word (but we've switched between Word and Google Docs and that seemed to be the problem. When I try to reinsert I get an error message saying Zotero experienced in error updating your document.
  • Did you use the export/import feature form the Zotero Beta to move between Word and Google Docs? Can you edit any of the citations in the document within Google Docs?
  • Right, so @BriaaRobinson, you can't copy directly between Word and Google Docs and preserve active citations.

    The export feature in the Zotero Beta described in the other thread will let you move documents between word processors, but there's an extra step that's required when moving between them.
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