Remove unsynced group

I joined a (private) group, then unselected sync for that group on one of my computers (after most items had already synced), then left the group.

While the group has disappeared from the computers where it was synced, it is still on the computer where it wasn't (Zotero is otherwise synced). However, since the "Choose Libraries" dialog in sync takes group membership from the API, I can't re-enable sync for that group, so I don't see any way to delete it. How can I remove the group there?
The group ID was 2193751, I believe
  • Yeah, it looks like we're not properly detecting when unsynced groups are deleted. I've created an issue for this, but you can probably fix it by editing extensions.zotero.sync.librariesToSkip in the Config Editor. If you remove the entry for "G2193751", Zotero should check the status of the group and prompt to delete or archive it.
  • Thanks, that worked
  • Hi, I also encounter the question how to remove unused group libraries.
    Where if the "Config Editor", if I may ask?
    Or are there other solutions?
  • The Config Editor button is in the Advanced pane of the preferences.
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