Hi all,

who has experience with citing whogovern.eu database in Chicago author-date? According to the database it should be cited as: 'Casal Bértoa, F. (2019): Database on WHO GOVERNS in Europe and beyond, PSGo. Available at: whogoverns.eu'

I have tried to put this information into Accessed field, but the result was not I have expected, but:

Citation: (Fernando Casal Bertoa, n.d.)

Bibliography: Fernando Casal Bertoa. n.d. “Chronicle of a Crisis Foretold: The Gordian Knot of the Swedish Riksdag.” Who Governs Europe (blog). https://whogoverns.eu/chronicle-of-crisis-foretold-the-gordian-knot-of-the-swedish-riksdag/.

Thanks, Krisztina

  • I would put January 21st, 2019 into the "Date" field in Zotero and adjust the author to be Casal Bertoa, Fernando, but other than that, the citation looks right to me. Suggested citations from sites/databases are not mandatory and in this case do not conform to Chicago Manual style.
  • Thanks this one, too! Regards, K.
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