Generate report from tags


I have manually entered tags for around 450 publications. I would like to automatically generate a report of the list of publications under individual tags as well as groups of tags. Is there a way to do this?

  • If you select the items and export to CSV, you can open the file in Excel or LibreOffice and filter on the contents of the tag column.
  • I may be misunderstanding, but couldn't you just click the tag in the tag selector on the left to filter and then select all --> Generate report?

    For multiple tags, I think you'll have to go through advanced search --> saved search (assuming you want the set of items containing _any_ of the tags).
  • I have over 200 tags (I don't know how zotero reports how many there are). There are multiple tags per reference, and multiple references per tag.

    I would like to be able to generate a report where the references (or number of papers) are listed under each tag. Is this possible?
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